Plucking you out of the ordinary workout routines and away from monotonous cardio sessions is a peculiar room more commonly known as the ‘Group Exercise Studio’. Stepping into this room requires the littlest of courage and confidence. Yet upon leaving this room you feel a sense of achievement that boosts your confidence, making you come back for a 2nd time, perhaps a 3rd, and then BAM! You’re hooked! You begin to identify yourself as a GX (Group Exercise) fanatic, taking not just one, but several classes, one after the other.

    Whether your goal is to tone, lose weight, stay fit, or get fit, there is bound to be a class that will suit you. Change your body with an array of body-shaping classes such as Burn360, LBT, Circuit, TRX®, Core, and Body Pump™. Get an endorphin high with Body Attack™ and Freestyle Step as you challenge your cardio limits. Come in to the arena and release your stress in a positive way through Martial Arts based programs like Body Combat™, Knockout, Kickboxing, and KBox Circuit. Not too much of a fighter? Slip into the Zen feel of Body Balance™, Pilates, and Hatha Yoga, finding calmness in the mind and lightness in the body, not to mention improved posture and flexibility. Step up your groove on the dance floor with Zumba, Belly Dancing, and Body Jam™ and dance the calories away!

    Now we’ve even got classes for your little ones. Kids between the ages of 4-12 are welcome to join the specialized Zumba and Martial Arts classes tailor made to suit their needs.

    GX360 is all about having fun while getting fit. Don’t miss it!

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