Belly Dancing

We believe dance will reveal the mysteries that the body conceals.

Sculpt and tone your core muscles by working your hips and stomach. A workout that keeps your body constantly moving, improving hip flexibility and rotation, whilst elevating your heart rate. Belly dancing is about isolating torso movements from limb movements. Western dance often focuses on the technique of arms and legs. On the other hand, belly dancing focuses on the movement of the spine, abdomen, upper body, and hips.  Given the engagement of every muscle, belly dancing can improve flexibility. It has known to aid the spine, as well as building upper body muscular strength.


The Bellydance Workout is a liberating fitness program that’s as fun as it is healthy.


Belly dancing significantly aids muscle toning with its refined movements of internal muscle anatomy. Movements were historically created to work those core feminine muscles such as, the Gluts (bottom), Oblique’s (stomach) and Quads (thighs).


Due to the improvement in body image and muscular tone, confidence levels are naturally increased. Belly Dance, like most other dance forms, allows your body to secrete endorphins and dopamine in your body - the ‘feel good’ hormones.


More About Belly Dancing

  • What should I wear to a Belly Dance class?

    Lightweight workout clothes , or a leotard and tights are fine. As far as footwear is concerned, you will be dancing on a hardwood-like suspended cork floor, jazz shoes, jazz sandals, or ballet practice shoes are class footwear.

  • Is Belly Dancing a good exercise?

    Belly Dance is excellent exercise. Not only do you work your body, but you also work your mind. There are so many interesting things about this ancient dance!

    Belly dance combines natural, body-friendly movement with yoga, ethnic and modern dance. The result of this unique synthesis is a dance which gives your body an anerobic and aerobic form of exercise.

  • Are there any physical limitations connected with Belly Dancing?

    Starting a Belly Dance class is like starting any other program of physical activity; check with your physician first! People who should definitely talk to the doctor are people with back and joint problems; obesity and pregnancy.

  • Can I take a Belly Dance class if I'm pregnant?

    Please, check with your OB/GYN first before starting a Belly Dance class. With physician approval, there shouldn't be any reason why you couldn't take a Belly Dance class as part of a pre-natal fitness program