Core Yoga

Discover the magic that happens when physical meets mindful. The power of practice is yours - wherever you are.

Core yoga is one of the multi-disciplinary and more vigorous types of yoga that strengthens and empowers the body, mind, and spirit. The practice of core  yoga aims to teach students to communicate with their bodies and access their spiritual core so they can achieve inner power. This inner power then builds the foundation for students to tap into their mental power to focus, and physical power to keep up with the strenuous yoga routine.



Strength Training

Core yoga thrives on the concept of breath and breathing as the root of inner strength.


Yoga for core and back is one of the most effective ways for you to develop an established relationship with your core. With yoga, you can create a well-toned abdomen, even if, as someone starting, you can’t find your abdominal muscles to do a basic pose.


Core muscles stabilize your entire body. Your core muscles are, therefore, pivotal when it comes to posture, balance, and spinal stability. Another reason why your core is essential is that it harmonizes the movements of the upper and lower body, allowing you steadiness and grace.


More About Core Yoga

  • I am inflexible can I still do yoga?

    Of course! Contrary to popular belief yoga does not require flexibility. In actual fact, yoga is not even about flexibility although that is one of the many benefits you will see.

  • What do I need to bring?

    Please bring along a towel or two, a non-plastic water bottle, and a big smile. A mat is useful too if you have one, otherwise they are available at the studio. Non slip towels are also available for hire or purchase.

  • What clothes do I wear to yoga?

    Yoga requires a lot of movement from your clothes. Loose fitting or exercise clothes are the best. Just make sure they are good quality and not see-through as we do lots of bending over! Oh and no shoes required.

  • I am not very fit, will I be able to do yoga?

    Yep! Start in a beginners class. We will build your strength up and before you know it you will be flowing with the rest of us.