Sculpt & Tone

Sculpt and tone exercises focus on adding definition to your physique with higher reps and lower weight.

This body sculpting class involves performing a series of repetitive exercises using your body weight as well as resistance bands, barbells and dumbbells. A non-aerobic class focuses on core strength in an energetic, friendly and fun group class atmosphere.


Energetic total body, fat-melting class will help you achieve your best results in sculpting the body you want


The end result from body sculpting is a leaner, more toned body with sculpted muscles. You will start to feel firmer after only a few sessions. Increased muscle mass increases metabolism, which can help with weight loss as it means you eat more calories while still burning fat and dropping weight.


Other benefits include increased strength, mobility and stability in the joints. Weight training has also proven to increase bone density, reduce risk of injury and improve posture. Furthermore, it can enhance your mood, reduce stress and help you feel happier and healthier.


More About Sculpt & Tone

  • What is a Sculpt & Tone workout?

    Sculpt & Tone, also called weight training, resistance training or strength training, is a form of exercise which uses external weight or resistance or your own body weight to stress the muscles. The end result is newly toned or sculpted muscles. Sculpt & Tone can help you get in shape, tone the body and lose weight.

  • How many calories do you burn in a Sculpt & Tone class?

    Depending on the amount of weights you use (5-pound dumbbells are recommended), and the amount of resting time between sets, an average Sculpt & Tone workout can burn approximately 200-350 calories per hour.